Care Advice

Daily wear, pollution, even certain perfumes and lotions can all take their toll on the brilliance of diamonds and dull the surface of gold or silver settings. We recommend that periodically you have your jewellery professionally maintained. Our highly trained staff will check the security of the settings and give your jewellery a thorough cleaning. Between professional checkups we recommend gentle cleaning with a non abrasive jewellery cleaner, available in store.

Bespoke Jewellery

It’s unique to you alone – a combination of your ideas and our creativity.

Ask our experts for style advice.


Remounting a diamond ring is a great way to preserve a special ring.
Common reasons for remounting a diamond ring include:


Repair is the most common reason for remounting a diamond ring. Over the years, the setting and band may wear out. A worn setting may cause a diamond to loosen or fall out.

Jewellery Insurance

March Insurance Solutions can offer you a range of options to cover your jewellery, either as part of a home insurance or stand alone insurance.

Why Insure your Jewellery?

The answer is simple, we are experts in this type of insurance. You may have cover for your jewellery under your existing home insurance but does it provide the cover you think (or hope) it does?

To illustrate this point here are a few problems arising under unsuitable home insurances which can be solved by products negotiated by T H March.


Not everyone has Household Insurance cover and many Household Insurance policies do not offer sufficient cover for jewellery, if at all.  We offer an instant and bespoke jewellery insurance service; It will replace your items on a like for like basis from the same jeweller you originally purchased it from.  It is simple and INSTANT cover for your precious jewellery issued by us.  It’s straight forward and is supplied by the industry experts, T.H. March.

If you are in the unfortunate position of needing to make an insurance claim on your special jewellery items we can assist you. Our expert team can benefit you by helping to take the hassle and stress out of your claims process by assisting on your behalf.

Many standard insurers offer replacement jewellery from jewellers of their choice, which might not be yours. Their chosen jewellers range, style or service may not suit your standards. We offer broader specialised ranges which better suit individual tastes and our price structure means a better value replacement.

Workshop Prices

Platinum £40.00 FOR 1 SIZE/PLUS £20 PER SIZE AFTER
18ct White/Yellow Gold £30.00
9ct White/Yellow Gold £20.00
Silver £20.00
*Prices based on 3 size up or down.
Platinum £25.00
Silver £10.00
18ct White/Yellow Gold £20.00
9ct White/Yellow Gold £20.00
*To polish and re-apply a finish to a ring £10.00
New Battery £10.00
Estimate for repair £20.00
Remove Links £ 5.00

*We offer a complimentary cleaning service so your treasured jewellery looks as bright and exquisite as the day you bought it.